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Subject: Report on Green Paper consultation now available
Date sent: 10 December 2007

I am pleased to report  that the Report on the Green Paper consultation, to which we submitted a joint response with the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients' Associations
at the end of May 2007 was published last week and is available at
Other key tobacco related EU documents, including the Green Paper itself can be found here
The individual contributions/responses, in total 311, including ours are also available at:

The contributions have been grouped as follows:
  • European institutions (European Parliament: You will be happy to note that the EP supported our request for EU wide ban.) 
  • National regional and local authorities 
  • Health related organisations (non-governmental organisations, including us, research institutes, healthcare professional organisations, pharma industry including)
  • Tobacco related organisations (tobacco industry and associations)
  • Social partners (mainly trade associations) 
  • Other (individuals)

Summary and way forward:

The majority of respondents support a full smoking ban in all enclosed workplaces and public places, with minimum exemptions on humanitarian grounds.
To achieve this, the need for strengthened action both at Member  State and EU level was identified.

We asked for a binding EU ban.  The majority of respondents supported this. The recent trend towards smoke-free policies throughout the EU was applauded. At the same time, it was acknowledged that not all governments have made attempts to better protect their citizens from tobacco smoke, while others have encountered serious difficulties in introducing comprehensive smoke-free legislation, mainly in the hospitality and leisure sector. EU support in such cases was recognised as particularly important. The need to take into account and support the FCTC guidelines on smoke-free environments was also emphasised.

Building on this consultation, the Commission intends to put forward a follow-up initiative on smoke-free environments by the end of 2008 (strategy paper).
I’d like to thank EFA for providing this summary, and we will be working with them to see what the next steps might be.  

Siân Williams
Executive Officer
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