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  • Asthma control in primary care
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Subject: Asthma control in primary care
Date sent: 2 August 2007


Dear colleagues

We have great pleasure in drawing your attention to several publications on asthma control in primary care that you may find useful.

1. Firstly, just published, a peer-reviewed article by IPCRG authors

Can asthma control be improved by understanding the patients perspective?

Rob Horne, David Price, Jen Cleland, Rui Costa, Donna Covey, Kevin Gruffydd-Jones, John Haughney, Svein Hoegh Henrichsen, Alan Kaplan, Arnulf Langhammer, Anders Ostrem, Mike Thomas, Thys van der Molen, J Christian Virchow and Sian Williams BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2007, 7:8 (22 May 2007)

2. Also, can we remind you that we have previously made available The IPCRG Users Guide to currently available asthma control tools at

Embedded in this document is also a link to a summary table, suggested criteria you might use when deciding which to use, and web addresses for each tool [also available in the BMC document]

3. Powerpoint slides describing this material found at 

Siân Williams

Executive Officer

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